Staged homes sell best, and for top dollar. The team at Carrie Soave & Associates are here to help you make your space shine so it can go from “On sale” to “SOLD!”. When prepping your space for buyers, be sure to follow the CARRIE principles for staging homes:

1. Clean and Create Curb appeal

When it comes to staging, an attractive outward appearance and impressive cleanliness make for the best first impression. Professional cleaners are certainly worthwhile to get to the nooks and crannies we often overlook (like baseboards, cupboards, and grout), and removing clutter to free up floor space will make rooms appear more spacious. Fresh landscaping and proper outdoor maintenance will make your property stand out on the street as well. Know that a buyer will judge a book by its cover.

2. All in the details

Small details should not go unnoticed. Take the time to make minor fixes like changing old light bulbs and repairing little leaks and dents. On a fun note, add a pop of colour to the kitchen with a bowl of fresh fruit or flowers, and fluff the pillows and bathroom linens. Make the space inviting for a prospective buyer, and allow them to have creative thoughts about how they could make it their own.

3. Repaint where possible

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to clean up the look of a room. This will help cover any scuffs or marks, and also allows you to choose a more neutral colour palette which will be suitable for the majority of buyers. Neutral palettes allow the buyer to be creative, while still providing a chic and sleek interior.

4. Refloor if needed

Buyers are always looking for what they’d need to spend money on as soon as they move in, and if floors are old or unattractive, this is typically one of the major things they’ll notice. New floors will make a space look clean and up to date, and you’ll be able to refloor for a fraction of what the buyer would potentially deduct from their offer.

5. Imagine you’re the buyer

Remember that your home is no longer truly your home in the staging process. You need to prepare it in such a way that it looks liveable, but is also a neutral canvas on which a buyer can picture their new life. Neutral colours, functional spaces, and an inviting warmth will definitely help the buyer think, ‘I can see myself living here.’

6. Excite with light

Lighting is crucial to creating a calming and inviting atmosphere. To emphasize beautiful spaces, proper lighting can go quite a long way. Ensure all light bulbs are functional, and add table and floor lamps to spaces with a lack of natural light. You want prospective buyers to explore every space, and feel welcome in every room!

A lot goes into making your home ready to show to the masses. We’re ready to help you make your space look its very best. Call one of our agents today if you are ready to stage your home!