When the time comes to sell your home, you should take advantage of all the tips and tricks to get top dollar. From asking price to open houses, all aspects of selling your home should be given proper attention, which is why it’s important to have the input and direction of a real estate pro, like the team at Carrie Soave and Associates. Let’s take a look at the three P’s of selling your home:


Preparing your property for the competitive market will make or break your ability to sell. On a large scale, you want to make sure main spaces are updated with elements like fresh neutral paint and quality flooring. Cleanliness is also integral, and a professional cleaner would provide great value as they can focus on the areas we, as homeowners, often forget. On a smaller scale, little fixes should be completed to keep everything looking ship-shape. Broken light bulbs should be replaced, and holes in walls should be filled. Closets can be kept open to showcase storage, and excess clothing and clutter should be removed resulting in a more spacious look. Personal decor should be kept to the bare minimum as you want the buyer to envision themselves as the homeowner. For more in depth details about necessary home prep, check out our blog outlining the CARRIE Principle for Staging Your Home!


Deciding on an initial asking price may very well be the most intimidating part of putting your house up for sale. There’s so much research that goes into selecting the one figure that will grab the attention of buyers, and potentially lead to a bidding war. A general rule for attractive offers in the housing market is to deduct 15 to 20 percent from your home’s worth. This will create a buzz around the property and attract multiple offers, often leading to a final offer above the actual value of the home. A good starting point with your realtor could also be to find a few comparable homes in your neighbourhood which have recently sold, and deduct the same percentage from the average closing price. While picking a price can seem scary, with the right realtor and a bit of bravery, you can make the numbers work in your favour.


A combination of both a connected seller and a savvy realtor will result in the best possible promotion for your listing. On the realtor’s end, a strong knowledge of existing promotional platforms in the industry is key. You want your home showing up in every place a buyer may be browsing, and since over 90 percent of buyers begin their house hunt online, your realtor should also have a solid grasp of new technologies and social platforms to widen your promotional reach. Knowing this, it can also be beneficial if you use your own social networks to your advantage when selling your home. Most people know of someone, be it a family member or friend, who’s in the market for a new place. It truly can’t hurt to post about your listing on social media. Once your home is beautifully staged, social posts will increase the number of eyes on your property as well as provide opportunities for people to share your listing with their own extended circles. A lack of visibility on these platforms and forums will impede your selling journey before it begins, so get your listing online and let the internet ripple grow.

There’s a lot to consider when selling in today’s competitive market. Preparation can seem overwhelming, but our team at Carrie Soave & Associates is ready to take on any challenge the real estate market presents to make your experience a breeze. If you’re ready to make a move and want to put up that sold sign, call one of our agents today!